The funding program weltwärts of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports the volunteers during the year with a maximum of 720 euros per month or 8,640 euros per year. This covers 75% of the costs, the remaining 25% are borne by volunteers and DTP. As a small organization, the contribution of the volunteers is very important to us!

We offer

  • the opportunity to experience an exciting and exciting year
  • 12 months living and working in Tanzania means intensive immersion in Tanzanian culture and the environment
  • Living in a host family, i.e. Get to know everyday life, become part of a family, be accepted
  • a new language for which we prepare you comprehensively
  • exciting projects in the fields of environmental protection and renewable energies
  • the advantages of a small and personal organization
  • and more ...

You can expect a unique experience in Tanzania. Supported by the weltwärts funding program, we come up for:

  • Return flights and travel expenses to the seminars
  • Professional-pedagogical seminars and year-round support
  • Intensive linguistic preparation
  • Accommodation and meals in Tanzania and at seminars
  • pocket money
  • Insurance (health, liability and accident insurance)
  • Starting point for engagement after the year

Your contribution ...

Your contribution is required to finance your year! We support you in setting up a support group with the aim of making a contribution of 2350 euros - this corresponds to the costs for accommodation, pocket money and food allowance in Tanzania. 

You also come up for:

  • Arrival to the application weekend
  • Swahili language course including travel expenses, meals and accommodation
  • Visa and resident permit (work and residence permit, approx. 900 USD)
  • Your luggage, medicine and equipment.