Generally speaking our volunteers live together with, or close to Tanzanian people. We try that the volunteers live with a host-family. It is important for us to only send two volunteers to one city and organization. Life in a host-family allows to experience everyday life situations and circumstances. It facilitates to learn Swahili and enables an intensive exchange between the volunteers and the family and gives security.

Most of the time the families or women care for the volunteer by buying food, cooking and washing in exchange of money. In Tanzania it is common that people that earn money, employ a household help to give them the possibility of an income as well. Cooking and washing is more time consuming because charcoal is often used to cook and clothes are mostly washed by hand. Since it is very time-consuming it is almost impossible for the volunteers to do it themselves besides their work. However, the volunteers are highly encouraged to help in the household so that they get to know the every day life better.