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Über das „Angesprochen-Werden“ als Weißer im tansanischen Alltag

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Das Stadtmodell

My Journey to ‘Stadtmodell’

I encountered the garden during the first few days after my arrival in Veringstraße in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. I was officially welcomed and since then I became part of the group...

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Schweinefleisch, Chipsi und Kachumbari (scharfer Tomatensalat)

Karibu - Vom Teilen und Miteinander

„Mtu ni watu“ ist ein tansanisches Sprichwort: „A person is people“, der Mensch braucht die Gesellschaft - Wie ich das Zusammenleben in Tansania wahrnehme.

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Agness Year in HH

“Appreciate the Sun Now!”

I stayed in Germany for one year and during this year - what I will never forget and I was so happy to witness - is the weather transitions from one season to another. It was so magical how the changes were happening, because sometimes I didn’t even see it coming; I have been always amazed by how countries differ when it comes to climate.

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Looking Back at My Year in Germany

My one year in Germany has been a wonderful experience, despite of its ups and downs, but I am thankful that I learned and experienced new things in a new environment. It has been my dream to get experience from other countries, especially in Europe and so I was so happy when I got the chance to come to Germany. With these pictures I just tried to explain shortly what I did and experienced, though not for the whole year.

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